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Part 15 Global logistics company Nippon Express Brazil

President Tomomi Takimoto

In the 15th episode, we spoke with Tomomi Takimoto, President of Nippon Express (NX) Brazil.

Founded in 1979 amid a boom in Japanese companies expanding into Brazil, NX Brazil is the fifth-longest-running overseas subsidiary of NX Holdings. In South America, the company has expanded its network not only to Brazil, but also to Colombia in 2012, and has established agents in Latin American countries to solidify its base in the South American market. With a new era of logistics driven by IT, the company is expanding its global business beyond Japan and Brazil.

Global expansion with over 100 years of experience

Nippon Express, known in Japan as "Nippon Express," will become a holding company in 2022, becoming the new Nippon Express Group and introducing the NX brand. Founded in 1872, the company has more than 100 years of accumulated experience in transportation and logistics.

NX's first overseas subsidiary was NX America in 1962, and currently has 131 locations in the Americas region, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, and Colombia (as of the end of June 2023). In Brazil, the company has locations in Manaus, São Paulo, Campinas, Guarulhos, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, and Santos, and is strengthening its service structure to respond to corporate expansion by always connecting the rest of the world with various parts of Brazil in the best way possible.

NX is a familiar company with an established image of moving services, but its main service in Brazil is the transportation of products such as automobile-related parts and machine parts manufactured by companies overseas to their destinations. It also transports agricultural and livestock products from Brazil overseas. All of its services are highly regarded for the same attention to detail and efficient speed as in Japan.

Employees in front of a truck owned by NX Brazil

Wherever there is logistics around the world, there is NX

NX is a forwarding company based in Japan that has expanded into areas where logistics for Japanese manufacturers take place. By introducing the NX brand, the company aims to evolve into a company with a strong presence in the global market.

Since its establishment, NX Brazil has provided moving services for expatriates moving overseas, delivering "Japanese quality and peace of mind." In addition to expatriates, the company also handles moving of items as small as one box, students, and single-person moves. Dedicated staff from the U.S. subsidiary regularly visit the Brazilian moving staff to provide on-site training, and over 10 Japanese-speaking staff are on hand to support customers at all times.

While maintaining Japanese quality for moving cargo, for commercial cargo the company is shifting its focus to becoming a logistics company in the global market under the NX brand.

When you hear Brazil, the first thing that comes to mind is security, but President Takimoto, who has been stationed in Italy for nearly nine years, recalls, "In Italy, we had to be just as vigilant about theft during transportation as we were in Brazil." In order to avoid all possible risks, NX is developing a door-to-door service in accordance with its own guidelines.

Calculate CO2 emissions during international transport with the "NX-GREEN Calculator"

The NX Group has positioned "addressing climate change" as one of its key issues in order to realize its long-term vision of "becoming a logistics company with a presence in the global market." In March of this year, the company began offering the "NX-GREEN Calculator," which can calculate the CO2 emissions from international air, sea, truck, and rail transport.

NX-GREEN Calculator is a service that supports all modes of international transport - air, sea, truck and rail - and calculates and visualizes the distance from departure to arrival and the amount of CO2 emissions simply by inputting the departure and arrival points, number of items, weight and mode of transport. It also has a function to calculate the amount of emissions at each stage of a detailed transport route by specifying intermediate points, and a function to calculate the amount of emissions for multiple items at once based on transport data for a certain period of time. It is also available on the company's website and is available in Japanese, English and Chinese.

The calculation results have been third-party verified by an external verification organization (SGS Japan), giving them social backing, making it possible to make the figures public. The system will support Nippon Express's customers' efforts to reduce CO2 emissions as a tool to further promote their ESG management.

CO2 emissions between Sao Paulo and Tokyo calculated using the "NX-GREEN Calculator" on the NX site

International Air Transport "Miami Reconsolidation Service"

Brazil is a country with strict import regulations, and if luggage arriving from overseas does not comply with the regulations, it may be returned to the country of origin without being allowed to enter the country. To prevent such a situation, the NX America Miami branch rechecks the documents and cargo condition to see if they comply with import regulations, and even if incorrect arrangements were made in the country of origin, the Miami Reconsolidation Service can be recovered and sent to Brazil. This takes a little longer than the Direct Consolidation Service, which arrives on the shortest schedule, but it ensures that luggage is delivered to its destination with greater care.

NX Brazil News, which has gained subscribers through word of mouth, delivers all kinds of logistics-related news irregularly (about five times a week). Most recently, it has been constantly following the latest news, such as market trends for air and sea freight, and the impact of the situation in Israel on logistics.

Overview of Nippon Express Brazil
Location: Sao Paulo
Established: August 1979
Number of employees: 125
Business description: Logistics services


*This article is reprinted from the Brazil Nippo (November 4, 2023).


© 2023 Tomoko Oura

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About this series

Japanese companies in Brazil have continued to operate even amid the harsh conditions of the pandemic. As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to calm down and new values ​​aimed at sustainability are required, this series will introduce the current status of Japanese companies active in Brazil. This is a project sponsored by the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Brazil. Reprinted from the Newspaper Brasil Nippou.

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Born in Hyogo Prefecture in 1979, he grew up in Kobe until graduating from high school. After graduating from university, he has been living in Sao Paulo, Brazil since 2001. He is currently working as a freelance reporter and writer for local media outlets aimed at Japanese people, as well as engaged in editing work.

(Updated September 2023)

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