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DREAMING... It's worth it!

Foto: Renata Watanabe Assessoria

Dreaming is always good, whatever the motivation! Love, travel, employment, own home... Even though in some cases it may seem like a utopia. The dream is the light, the force that stimulates our fight for what we believe in.

I remember the question they once asked an almost engaged couple: what would their big dream be? They thought a little and the answer was in unison: “A perfect wedding party, with everything you could imagine in a wedding celebration, from an event hall with stylish decoration, a renowned buffet service, a church, ornaments... ”.

And their imaginations soared and they started putting together a super party in their heads. Would this be possible? First of all, for a dream wedding to be such a special event, it must be one that is possible, within the couple's financial limits and with established priorities. Once this requirement is met, the dream begins to take on a more real shape, once it is well planned and thought out, with your feet on the ground.

The question is whether it is worth investing in a wedding consultancy. Undoubtedly! Advice is not a cost, it is an investment! The consultancy will optimize the couple's resources and work to ensure that their wedding day is as the couple dreamed. From choosing the right suppliers for your event, to organizing the big day; She will work to ensure the couple has a perfect wedding party. Quality advice will influence the entire outcome of the party and avoid headaches, which are so common in such events. And, most importantly, it will allow the couple to fully enjoy their party!

Foto: Renata Watanabe Assessoria

Having gone through a somewhat frustrating personal experience in her own marriage, added to the testimonies of other couples equally dissatisfied with the parties they held, sansei Renata Watanabe Kose found herself with the courage to take her first steps in the events segment, this more than twenty years ago.

Foto: Renata Watanabe Assessoria

At the time, having graduated in Business Administration and working in the area of ​​Human Resources in multinational companies, Renata already demonstrated a pleasure in participating and collaborating with family parties and corporate events. Possibly, due to his affable and communicative temperament, he realized that he performed very well in customer service and after-sales activities, in services that required interaction with people. That's when opportunities to organize and plan parties for friends and family on the weekends began to emerge. Upon discovering this passion and, faced with the increase in demand, he felt the need to make a difficult and at the same time courageous decision at the time. Quit your job and dedicate yourself body and soul, full time, to new challenges.

That was when the company Renata Watanabe – Assessoria em Eventos was created . From the committed employee that she was, emerged the bold entrepreneur and businesswoman that she is to this day, leading a service company, with the collaboration of several qualified professionals, some permanent, others freelance , with the aim of filling a market niche. promising, the events area. Available every day of the week, but with a strong concentration on weekends, the team is forced to work hard to meet various commitments, in different locations, almost simultaneously. Even so, Renata tries to pass them all, marking her presence with her charismatic figure, supervising the team's work, an attitude that does not go unnoticed by her clients, who shower her with praise.

Project Yorokobi da terceira idade. Foto: Renata Watanabe Assessoria

Thanks to this professionalism and competence, Renata consolidated a very strong and positive image in the market, becoming, with her company, a constant presence in the most varied events, such as wedding ceremonies, weddings, birthday parties, corporate and association events. and even religious. Associative entities such as “kenjinkais ”, Kibo-no-iê, Kodomo-no-sono have Renata Watanabe as a valuable collaborator who, in addition to publicity and promotion work, actively participates in events, all in a supportive and gracious way. It is his way of thanking and reciprocating the trust and affection he has received from the large Japanese-Brazilian community in São Paulo and the region.

With more than 20 years of existence, the company is proud to have held more than 1,000 events, of different purposes and sizes, which received the best evaluations, as shown in these testimonials:

“... on the day of our ceremony everything happened in the most perfect order and harmony; I could not fail to record our thanks to the entire Advisory Team. And I think one of the best proofs of this was the feedback given by our photographers, saying that Renata's advice was the one they liked the most among those who had the opportunity to work with it! Our eternal gratitude to Renata and Team! (D&S)”.

“... Renata and her team's work made all the difference in our wedding! It was definitely the best choice we made. They were simply wonderful and helped us a lot, a lot! It was amazing! Thank you very much! (R)''.

Oficinas de arte no templo. Foto: Renata Watanabe Assessoria

Numerous other couples and companies made a point of registering praise for the excellence of the services provided, always highlighting the personalized and professional service provided by the Renata Assessoria team.

Renata, after completing yet another job, exhausted, at the dawn of the next morning, she usually “feels like a fairy godmother, a guardian angel, of being able to be in the right place, at the right time, at the back of the church, organizing the procession and arranging the bride's dress, train and veil, just as the team is taking care of the altar and, at the same time, following the order of the songs sung by the choir, paying attention to the smallest details.” She feels that, at this time, she is fulfilling her mission as an event advisor.

Renata Watanabe Kose is an example of an entrepreneurial Nikkei woman who, in a large city like the capital of São Paulo, amid difficulties and fierce competition, manages to impose herself and achieve success, which can be measured through her simple statement: “I love get to know people and the story of their lives. I love helping and making people happy! I think this is part of the life mission I received and that, at the same time, it helps to soothe my soul.

DREAMING... It's worth it! I love making dreams come true”, says Renata.

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About the Author

A Nisei native of Tupã, São Paulo State, he holds a Law degree, specializing in Labor Relations. Over the course of 50 years, he worked as an executive and entrepreneur​​ in the Human Resources field. A Business Consultant, he’s also a columnist for the newspaper Nippo Brasil.

Updated June 2017

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