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Ronald Arteta Miyashiro — Latin Generation

In this quarantine, inactivity makes us seek to see other things that can distract us, to get away from all this news that saturates us and depresses us. Although it is true that it is very important to be informed, the only thing that excess information does is create more stress in us, we must keep in mind that we know what to do, the measures to avoid getting infected, not going out. We cannot change the rest, it is not in our hands, thinking about it all day is only leading us to depression.

I found a guy on Facebook who sang, he did it live, it was Saturday and he encouraged people with his very happy music. Using equipment with tracks like karaoke, microphone in hand, he delighted us with a salsa, inviting us to dance, he set up “the party at home” and even though I am not very lucky with dancing, he infected me with his joy, I forgot everything, it distracted me. He interacted with the people who were watching him, he agreed to their musical requests. I see him, he is a Nikkei, a familiar face, I recognize him, he is Ronald Arteta Miyashiro, I see the page and it is the Latin Generation Orchestra.

I didn't know that I was doing it on weekends, that day I was only able to see part of it, so I prepared to see it the following week, I put a like on their Orquesta Generación page, the appointment was Saturday, but due to technical problems The transmission was not carried out, postponing it to the next day, Sunday at 6 pm. So I attended the appointment with Ronald, his wife Mary, who helps him, reads the musical requests, the greetings and his cute little daughter Mayu also comes out, she is very kawaii ; although I missed her because the previous time she appeared longer, but they still made us spend two hours of full entertainment, at times with consecutive themes, without rest, despite everything with joy and sympathy, urging people to have fun, sending greetings to people who had attended his presentations, some family members, friends, people from Japan, couples he had encouraged in their marriage, who had seen him in a casino where he performed, even those who saw him in Plaza San Miguel in a presentation.

Along the way, he encouraged people by telling them that this was going to happen. I thought his contribution was great so that we could all disconnect from everything that is happening in the world, to which we are no strangers. Eight at night arrived and what begins has to end, but not before asking with our palms out the window in recognition, giving thanks for those who work for us to stay at home, for police officers, nurses, doctors, for all the staff who do it for us.

I had seen him several times at events, so as they say now, I became a stalker, so I started checking social networks, I started Googling, I even got to Linkedin. For those who don't know him, Ronald is a well-known character, some will remember him for his participation in the Latina TV programs, in La Voz Perú and Los Cuatro Finalistas , his coach was our Eva Ayllón. He is also a great collaborator in all events of the Nikkei colony, he has participated in our Koohaku Uta Gassen, Peru version; Radio Days with Yoshi and the Bluestars; Shinnenkai APJ; Trunk of Memories; Something that stayed in my memory was seeing it in a presentation that Denisse Shashiki gave before going to other places to look for a better future; He had him as a special guest, considered his musical brother, so to speak; They shared a great affection, in addition to presentations, they even remembered that they were singles partners.

They remembered with humor that they made one a long time ago that until now they continue to use it on Radio La Inolvidable. In Denisse's presentation they did a duet, a very significant song that talks about being friends, a ranchera. He was selected to represent us at the artistic festival of the Pan-American Convention Nikkei (Copani) in San Francisco 2019. In addition, he has been invited in programs such as “Combinado”, “Una y Mil Vocos” with Bartola, participated in a version of Gochiso Perú, We have also seen it in some of the Plaza San Miguel acoustics.

Singer, director and representative of the Generación Latina Orchestra, the artistic vein comes from his parents, who also sing. He already had the hobby, and he also had a musical family that influenced him. Although it is true that he began to enjoy singing as a child, it was not until he finished high school that he reactivated it. In addition, it helped him during his student days to have an economic income, singing in orchestras, participating in inter-club competitions, New Voices from the colony.

Ronald is not an improvised person because he always had the idea of ​​having a profession, although at the beginning he was studying engineering, he realized that it was not his, so he changed it to be a Social Communicator, with which he left. working in advertising and marketing, so he worked from Monday to Friday on his career and on weekends singing, during which time he learned with some musicians who transferred their experience to him, in addition to some courses that were useful to him. He was always open to various genres, cultivating them, this finally helped him capture the essence of each one and helped him form his orchestra, which finally led him to decide between his profession and singing, a decision he does not regret. , by giving him great satisfaction, not even from his profession, because it has also helped him manage his orchestra.

Although along the way he has been growing and needing more people, he recognizes that he still suffers with every detail that could be left in the air, feeling that adrenaline until the day of the presentation, where it reaches its maximum expression. Their orchestra holds corporate parties, weddings, events in general, they try to make them thematic, always trying to be dynamic and make the public feel that they are offering something different, something new. They have a great musical repertoire, which makes everyone feel included in the parties they throw, the inevitable salsa, cumbia, merengue, but also boleros, new wave, rock, pop. His time on television competitions has given him the security he needed, in addition to opening doors that were previously closed.

Ronald Arteta Miyashiro is no stranger to the situation that we are all currently experiencing, that in one way or another we are and we will continue to suffer, especially in the case of entertainment that will be affected by the impossibility of gathering an audience. That's why when all this is over, we must express our support for them as well as all musicians, who are independent workers and small businesses. He could be locked in his house, complaining about the quarantine, the coronavirus, the situation, everything; but he doesn't do it, rather, he gives everything every Saturday or Sunday, making us experience “the party at home” so that we can forget a little about this whole situation. Let's remember, after this happens, to support all independents, small businesses like them.

Another way you can support all the musicians like Ronald and his orchestra is by going to his YouTube page, Orquesta Internacional Generación Latina , to subscribe and watch his videos, because if he manages to get a good number of views, this could help him a little to alleviate this whole situation, this way you can help any musician who has a page on YouTube. Go to their Facebook page, give Orquesta Generación Latina a like, so you can be part of their quarantine party.

We have been in social isolation or quarantine for many days now, that is why Ronald Arteta Miyashiro, together with his wife Mary, have thought of bringing their show to all homes virtually and in this way being able to survive while activities can be restored, but The reactivation of their sector is going to take longer, they are even planning presentations for next year. Meanwhile, they are offering their shows online, this way people will be able to take their parties and birthdays virtually, with an hour of their live presentation, with their friends being able to be present, sharing on the Zoom platform. You can be hired from anywhere in the world. This is a way to reinvent yourself in these times of crisis. The word crisis in Japanese (危機= kiki ) is composed of the characters 危=»danger» and 機=»opportunity». Let's remember that we can see an opportunity in this whole situation.

© 2020 Roberto Oshiro Teruya

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Roberto Oshiro Teruya is a 53-year-old Peruvian of the third generation (Sansei); his parents, Seijo Oshiro and Shizue Teruya, both came from Okinawa (Tomigusuku and Yonabaru, respectively). He lives in Lima, the capital of Peru, where he works in the retail clothing business in the city's downtown. He is married to Jenny Nakasone and they have two children Mayumi (23) and Akio (14). He has a deep interest in continuing to preserve the customs inculcated by his grandparents, including cuisine and the butsudan, and hopes his children will do the same.

Updated June 2017

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