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Okasaki,Robert (Bob) Kiyoshi

Wife's family in Japan

Robert (Bob) Kiyoshi Okasaki November 28, 2003

Because I have no family here—I’m here by myself—I have more interaction with her family …


Impression of Japan upon arrival

Yukio Takeshita September 11, 2003

Well, I think this was a terrible place when I first came here. But, I …


Devastation in Tokyo after World War II

Richard Kosaki March 19, 2004

The devastation, well, we both saw it -- we saw it both in Manila and …

Kanemoto,Marion Tsutakawa

Living in Japan during the war, preparing for U.S. bombings

Marion Tsutakawa Kanemoto August 3 & 4, 2003

Well, I remember seeing, Okayama came before Hiroshima, so Okayama was being bombed, the city …

Kanemoto,Marion Tsutakawa

Participating in military drills in school in Japan during the war

Marion Tsutakawa Kanemoto August 3 & 4, 2003

In the mornings we would strip down, have a white top on with the monpe …

Kanemoto,Marion Tsutakawa

Hearing anti-American war propaganda from a teacher

Marion Tsutakawa Kanemoto August 3 & 4, 2003

And another time, I think when things were really getting worse, he, another one I …

Kanemoto,Marion Tsutakawa

The hardships of life in Japan during World War II

Marion Tsutakawa Kanemoto August 3 & 4, 2003

Well, of course, the Japanese life was so different. The weather was so different. And …


Strict school policy of separating boys and girls in Japan

Shizuko Kadoguchi February 14, 2005

I*: Tell me about the, the separation or segregation between boys and girls in the …


The reason for coming to Japan

Enson Inoue October 14, 2003

The reason why I came to Japan was because I had an offer to play …


The Japanese society reacts to Nikkei living in Japan (Japanese)

Masako Iino October 7, 2005

(Japanese) I think it’s a complicated issue. I mean, if the ones who come into …

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