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Understanding Sansei taiko (Japanese)

Seiichi Tanaka January 27, 2005

(Japanese) As I remember, when we were kids in Japan it was sort of expected …


Soukou Bayashi: Dedicated to the Issei (Japanese)

Seiichi Tanaka January 27, 2005

(Japanese) Well, it’s no big deal. When I started to hit on the taiko even …


The performing arts not for Nisei

Mas Kodani December 3, 2004

When I came to this temple in ’68, it was the first Japanese American community …


Sense of lineage between Sansei and Issei through Taiko

PJ Hirabayashi January 26, 2005

The relationship between the Sansei and the Issei, I think, were very similar in that …

Houston,Jeanne Wakatsuki

Her father as a typical Issei

Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston December 27, 2005

He (My father) was typical of that (first) generation like Toyo Miyatake and those guys, …


Changing demography of gardeners in Southern California

Lou Kitashima December 1, 2005

I am Sansei. I haven’t seen any younger gardeners, Japanese. I see a lot of …

Hattori,Paula Hoyos

Japanese language is the important aspect to keep identity (Spanish)

Paula Hoyos Hattori July 12, 2006

(Spanish) The third generation I would say, after my grandfather, is that [generation] which returns …


Generational Gap (Spanish)

Kazuomi Takagi February 23, 2007

(Spanish) For me it is easier to deal with the Nisei sansei because the Issei …


Need generational change in Japanese community (Spanish)

Kazuomi Takagi February 23, 2007

(Spanish) A new Japanese collectivity is emerging. The age of the Issei is over. Not …


Honing Artistic Talent at Camp

George Abe December 10, 2004

What stories I had heard about camp growing up were more like nostalgic stories. I …

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