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Japan's impact on the image of Nikkei in Brazil (Portuguese)

Celia Oi October 7, 2005

(Portuguese) The image that Nikkei have in Brazilian society is an extremely positive one. I …

Moromisato, Doris

The Nikkei Integration into society (Spanish)

Doris Moromisato February 26, 2008

(Spanish) This fusion of the Japanese with Peruvians still hasn’t taken place because even today …


The Current Conditions of Dekasegi from Paraguay (Japanese)

Isao Taoka March 24, 2009

(Japanese) In terms of dekasegi, many Nikkei Paraguayan came to Japan for work. In our …

Onchi,Toshiko Elena

The breakdown of the family structure as a result of the deskasegi movement (Spanish)

Toshiko Elena Onchi March 24, 2009

(Spanish) I think that ... the families that have come as dekasegi depend on jobs. …

Hirano,Paulo Issamu

Moved to Japan as my dekasegi father called on me (Japanese)

Paulo Issamu Hirano October 18, 2016

(Japanese) I think I came to Japan in September or October in 1989. I came …

Hirano,Paulo Issamu

Facing hardships in Japan (Japanese)

Paulo Issamu Hirano October 18, 2016

(Japanese) The first hardship I faced was the language, as you can imagine. In the …

Hirano,Paulo Issamu

From being a dekasegi to a long-term resident (Japanese)

Paulo Issamu Hirano October 18, 2016

(Japanese) Well, at least people around me are thinking about living here permanently, I think. …

Shikota,Antonio Shinkiti

Lehman shock’s impact on the Japanese Brazilian community in Japan (Portuguese)

Antonio Shinkiti Shikota October 19, 2016

(Portuguese) This, this crisis sure made a difference, right, because ... At the time of …

Shikota,Antonio Shinkiti

Transition from a factory worker to starting his own business (Portuguese)

Antonio Shinkiti Shikota October 19, 2016

(Portuguese) I arrived in Japan and I worked for about three years. While working at …

Matsumoto,Juan Alberto

Supporting Nikkei in Japan (Japanese)

Juan Alberto Matsumoto September 22, 2019

(Japanese) In the 90s, many different people came from Central and South America to work …

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