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A strong Japanese identity (Japanese)

Hiroshi Sakane May 7, 2007

(Japanese) I’m Japanese and, especially since I’ve lived in a foreign country, I feel that …


Japanese American, not Japanese

William Hohri June 12, 1998

Yeah. I was just reading the complaint, and in one section she had used the …

Horikiri,Edward Toru

Boarding house life and the Issei (Japanese)

Edward Toru Horikiri January 31, 2012

(Japanese) When I was learning gardening and working as a gardener’s helper at the boarding …

Horikiri,Edward Toru

My father’s venture into the hotel business (Japanese)

Edward Toru Horikiri January 31, 2012

(Japanese) After my father graduated from driving school, he went to work for a man …

Horikiri,Edward Toru

Luckiest Issei

Edward Toru Horikiri January 31, 2012

My father is just like one of the Issei, work hard, and be honest. And …

Horikiri,Edward Toru

“Junior Issei” (Japanese)

Edward Toru Horikiri January 31, 2012

(Japanese) For the first half of my life in America, I walked the exact same …

Matsumoto,Juan Alberto

Father’s Reason For Moving to Argentina (Japanese)

Juan Alberto Matsumoto September 22, 2019

(Japanese) My father originally studied and worked in agricultural research institution, and back then — …


Days I spent aching for Japan in tears (Japanese)

Haruo Kasahara June and July, 1991

(Japanese) I came to America in 1919. My father and mother were here. So they …


Tough work on plantation (Japanese)

Haruo Kasahara June and July, 1991

(Japanese) At the time when we came here, we worked 10 hours, for 55 cents …


Leaving children in daycare all day to work (Japanese)

Haruo Kasahara June and July, 1991

(Japanese) There was a place where we could leave our children. They looked after our …

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