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Involvement in JACL

Yukio Takeshita September 11, 2003

Well, I’m living here almost 60 years. Maybe for many years, I had no contact …

Yuzawa,George Katsumi

The origin of Japanese American Association in New York City

George Katsumi Yuzawa November 15, 2000

The origin was Japanese Association, prior to the War. Is called Nihonjin-kai and then after …

Yuzawa,George Katsumi

Involvement in Nikkei community in New York City

George Katsumi Yuzawa November 15, 2000

Well, I have been very busy, involved in the community and everyone seeks my advice …


The importance of Japanese American role models in childhood community

Lorraine Bannai March 23 & 24, 2000

Gardena was about, I think, a third Japanese American when I was growing up, so …


Changing Minds

Sue Embrey September 11, 1997

I think that NCRR did the most in terms of the younger people, and JACL …


Driving Feelings

Cherry Kinoshita September 26, 1997

Then the Day of Remembrance at Puyallup was November of '78 and I didn't take …


From Reparations to Redress

Bill Hosokawa July 13, 2001

I was among those who opposed the redress movement, and I felt that it cheapened …


The J-Town Jazz Ensemble

George Yoshida February 18, 2002

So we got more and more involved with -- I got more involved with music. …


Why I joined the Japanese American Citizens League

William Marutani August 27, 1998

I was too busy trying to make a living before the war—too young. Nobody’s going …


Treatment by Chinese students

Clifford Uyeda July 1-2, 1998

I used to tell my friends that, you know, the Chinese people treat me better …

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