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Representing her Family and the Japanese American Community in Acting

Takayo Fischer November 8, 2018

I don’t know that I felt like everyone else. I felt like I was – …


Expressing herself through poetry

Mitsuye Yamada August 7, 2018

I have never stopped writing from the time I was quite young. And I think …

Fujie,Holly J.

Japanese American identity

Holly J. Fujie July 11, 2019

I always identified Japanese American. It was always, I was a Sansei, and that was …


The moment he realized he identified as an American

Howard Kakita September 3, 2019

I knew I was an American when I guess I was in 10th grade. My …

Matsumoto,Juan Alberto

Nikkei Identity (Japanese)

Juan Alberto Matsumoto September 22, 2019

(Japanese) I sometimes gave a talk about [Nikkei] identity to Nikkei students, particularly from the …

Matsumoto,Juan Alberto

Roles You Can Fulfill Being in Japan (Japanese)

Juan Alberto Matsumoto September 22, 2019

(Japanese) Well, after thirty years in Japan, I really don’t have any particular desire to …

Matsumoto,Juan Alberto

About Escobar (Spanish)

Juan Alberto Matsumoto September 22, 2019

(Spanish) I was born in the city of Escobar, about 50 kilometers north of Buenos …


Her definition of Nikkei

Monica Teisher September 22, 2019

For me being a Nikkei is a mixture of taking the best of both worlds, …


Identification as Colombian, feeling closer to JA than Japanese

Monica Teisher September 22, 2019

Japanese has a lot of layers, and formalities, and unspoken languages that are both verbal …


Immersed in Japanese culture and language

Jimmy Naganuma September 20, 2019

My older brothers and sister, they also liked the culture. They would buy magazines, records, …

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