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Identification as Colombian, feeling closer to JA than Japanese

Monica Teisher September 22, 2019

Japanese has a lot of layers, and formalities, and unspoken languages that are both verbal …


Proud of his Japanese, American, and Peruvian identity

Jimmy Naganuma September 20, 2019

Still, I prefer both to be proud of. Sure, okay, I'm an American citizen now, …

Naganuma,George Kazuharu

Feeling of foreigness

George Kazuharu Naganuma September 20, 2019

That's the only language I knew is Japanese, then, so it's kind of hard for …

Naganuma,George Kazuharu

Art helped him to feel less foreign in school

George Kazuharu Naganuma September 20, 2019

I like art, so I was doing a lot of drawing and things like that, …


Proud to be Japanese Peruvian

Kazumu Naganuma September 20, 2019

I was always proud to be a Japanese Peruvian, citizenship or not. And now that …


Reason she didn't transition earlier

Mia Yamamoto July 14, 2020

One of reasons I couldn't come out as early as I think I wanted to …



Masato Ninomiya September 19, 2019

日本語、日本文化というものと無縁ではないでしょうね。日本語が話せて、日本のことを知り、日本に関心を持ち、というのが日系ではないでしょうか。 ブラジルにおいて、親が非日系人であるというのが二代三代と続いていくとですね、やっぱり日本との繋がりというものがだんだんこう希薄になっていきますよね。だからもちろんそれでも日系人は日系人なんだろうけども、しかしただそれだけの意味、つまり顔形に東洋系の面影が残っているだけでは、日系人とは言えないのではないかと。 日本文化、それは映画でもいいしアニメでも漫画でもいいし、なんですか、伝統的な日本の芸能とか文学とかそういったものでもいいけど、何かやっぱり関心を持ってですね、血統的なルーツを大事にするのが日系じゃないかと思うんですね。 日系人としての誇りというか、そういうものを大事にしようとするのであれば、単に顔形だけではなく血統だけではなくて、日本に関心を持つ人が日系人じゃないでしょうかね。

McKenna,Sabrina Shizue

Being “Half” in Japan

Sabrina Shizue McKenna July 14, 2022

In terms of my cultural identity being “half” in Japan, oObviously, you're considered a little …

McKenna,Sabrina Shizue

Sexual Orientation as a Youth

Sabrina Shizue McKenna July 14, 2022

In terms of my sexual orientation, I don't think I realized it until I was …

McKenna,Sabrina Shizue

Not coming out at work until 1991

Sabrina Shizue McKenna July 14, 2022

I was not out at work until 1991. I didn't even come out to a …

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