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Watanabe,Margarida Tomi

Relief fund to support Japanese communities (Japanese)

Margarida Tomi Watanabe

(Japanese) Within a month [of establishing the Social Assistance Organization], the Papa (Pope), Papa XII …

Watanabe,Margarida Tomi

Role of Assistancia Social dom Jose Gaspar (Japanese)

Margarida Tomi Watanabe

(Japanese) When the Social Assistance Organization began—when my job began—there were four members who gained …


Taiko Community

George Abe December 10, 2004

I got to know other musicians up in the Bay Area—Russel Baba and other people …


Support from the Japanese American community

Kristi Yamaguchi January 16, 2000

I really...from the Japanese American community I’ve always felt such tremendous support and lucky because …


Japanese Language School

Clifford Uyeda July 1-2, 1998

I remember very well, there was one Nisei in our class who lived way out …


Different races have to live together and interact

Clifford Uyeda July 1-2, 1998

To me, the United States is sort of a microcosm of the world of tomorrow, …


The multicultural perspective

Kay Fukumoto July 9, 2004

I think it’s more of a personal perspective because depending on where you are—maybe generationally. …


Japanese in Minot

Henry Suto June 17, 2008

Well, I wouldn’t consider it a community, but there was about 50 Japanese people living …


Integrating As First-Generation Japanese-Peruvian (Japanese)

Toshiro Konishi April 18, 2007

(Japanese) Well, this is extremely…From my perspective as a Japanese person, this is extremely difficult. …


The Nikkei community that didn't support Former President Fujimori's election (Japanese)

Hiroshi Sakane May 7, 2007

(Japanese) President Fujimori... Well, when Mr. Fujimori announced his candidacy for president, I think it’s …

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