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Shikota,Antonio Shinkiti

Japanese Brazilians living in Oizumi (Portuguese)

Antonio Shinkiti Shikota October 19, 2016

(Portuguese) Oh, an easygoing people, ya know? For sure ... The people here is [sic] …

Uchimura,Sawako Ashizawa

Life in Davao, Philippines

Sawako Ashizawa Uchimura July 12, 2017

Father went to Philippines, because it was only available country at that time to go …

Uchimura,Sawako Ashizawa

Kindergarten in Davao, Philippines

Sawako Ashizawa Uchimura July 12, 2017

I went to kindergarten in Nishi-Honganji when we were still in Davao, and the – …

Uchimura,Sawako Ashizawa

Life in the Philippines

Sawako Ashizawa Uchimura July 12, 2017

The community of nearly 2,000 people – by the – the Pacific War started, I …


Becoming a member of nikkei community (Japanese)

Toshiaki Toyoshima April 16, 2016

(Japanese) I moved to America to make sushi, so I hadn’t really thought about anything …


Life upon arrival (Japanese)

Akira Takashio August 4, 2015

(Japanese) I was in my third year at college when first I came to America. …


Mochitsuki tradition

Tom Yuki March 22, 2018

Right after the war, people didn’t have any place to live. And so therefore we …


General reasons why people left Japan for Peru

Michelle Yamashiro August 30, 2018

I don’t know what the attraction of Peru was versus the United States, but I …


Great grandfather Asato was a sumo wrestler

Michelle Yamashiro August 30, 2018

He came to Peru because there was…there was competition, great competition between sumo wrestlers in …


Grandfather loved to tell her stories of her great-grandfather Arakaki

Michelle Yamashiro August 30, 2018

So he told me my grandma Arakaki’s side, that’s the grandpa that was college educated, …

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