The Nisei Legacy

The Perspective of Youth Changing Minds Prevailing Within the System Fighting For What’s Right The Nisei Legacy

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We were young, we were not in any leadership position, and like Aiko said, we didn't know what hit us when it happened. And it took us a long time to really confront what had happened, and you don't like to say, "Oh, your government did this to you." When it's your only country, you don't like to say, "Oh, they did me wrong," and you don't like to admit that, so... I think part of that was the Nisei psyche, they're passing on a legacy to the third and fourth generation, and we did take a stand, we did ask for redress and we did get it, and maybe not as many Nisei as the Sansei and Yonsei, but there were some of us there. I think that's a legacy that's important.

Date: September 11, 1997
Location: California, US
Interviewer: Glen Kitayama
Contributed by: Denshō: The Japanese American Legacy Project.

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