Japan vs. Tulsa Oklahoma

Visiting Japan to study kendo Japanese wife with American citizenship Appreciation of Japanese food Not wanting to stand out as a foreigner Japan vs. Tulsa Oklahoma

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One of my professors – I used to visit him quite often. We would talk about things and he told me, “Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable if you were dropped in, say, Tulsa, Oklahoma or in the middle of Japan?” And I would honestly say I would probably feel more comfortable – even if you linguistically can’t communicate – in Japan. At least you would be more familiar with some of the customs than I would be in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I think. And I think…now I feel very comfortable in Japan. I don’t…and when I’m in America, I miss Japan. I miss being in Japan. It’s just much more comfortable, in the sense of my daily life – what I like to eat, what I can buy in the stores…I think I’ve lived maybe too long away from America. I don’t know what’s changed.

Date: November 11, 2003
Location: Kyoto, Japan
Interviewer: Art Nomura
Contributed by: Art Nomura, Finding Home.

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