A personality fit for Argentina (Japanese)

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(Japanese) When I think about it now, in Argentina, in Buenos Aires, there aren’t many places that are that beautiful, although it’s a large city and all… I’m not sure if I can say that it’s a very attractive place (laughs). But the fact that this was a foreign country, and since I had been studying Spanish at the time, and I was somewhat able to communicate with people from the get go, it made me pretty happy to be here right away. I do feel that, compared to European countries, there is somewhat of a lack of order here. But it is a young country, and in terms of potential, I think South America has more to offer. I’m sure how you see it differs from person to person… I think Europe has its own kind of attractiveness, while South America is also attractive in a different way. For me, I feel that my personality is a better fit here [in Argentina].

Date: 2006
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Interviewer: Takeshi Nishimura, Ricardo Hokama
Contributed by: Centro Nikkei Argentino


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