Japanese are more accustomed to foreigners

Lack of language skills Having patience in Japan, being both Acculturation Preserving traditional Japanese culture New Year's food Japanese are more accustomed to foreigners

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Because we look Japanese, but we really didn’t know the Japanese customs, the Japanese language…the language is the big thing. The way of business and the way people think, I think, is very different. But now, I think people – the Japanese themselves – are more used to Japanese Americans or foreigners in general, so they don’t really look down on you and you could still be a part of their life or be a part of their conversation. And in the past, I felt like, “Gosh, now I look like everybody, but I feel more of an outsider than I did when I was in America, when I didn’t look like everybody.”

Date: September 3, 2003
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Interviewer: Art Nomura
Contributed by: Art Nomura, Finding Home.

FindingHome identity language multi racial

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