BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20060422T000000Z DTEND:20060422T000000Z DESCRIPTION:The UCLA Paul I. and Hisako Terasaki Center for Japanese Studie s presents:\n\n<strong>Transculturation and National Signifiers: "Japan" I n\, After\, and Via Diaspora and Return</strong>\n12th Annual UCLA Graduat e Student Symposium in Japanese Studies\n\nSaturday\, April 22\, 2006\n9:0 0AM - 5:00PM\nUniversity of California\, Los Angeles\nCovel Commons\, West Coast Room\nLos Angeles\, CA\n\nFor further information contact:\nJordan Smith\n(310) 980-6620\n<a></a>\n<!--break-->\n\n9:00-10:30 Panel: <strong>Narrative Triangulations: Japan/Japanese America/America </strong>\nDiscussant: Anne Sokolsky (University of Southern California)\n Andrew Leong (UC Berkeley) - "The City of Circular Failures: <em>Yoru ni n ageku</em> and Taisho Los Angeles"\nKristina Vassil (University of Michiga n) - "Putting Down Roots: Okina Kyuin's Declaration of an Immigrant Litera ture in the 1920's"\nEmily Anderson (UCLA) - "Becoming a City on a Hill: J apanese American Christian Narratives in Pre-World War II Los Angeles"\n\n 10:45-12:45 Panel: <strong>(Re)presenting Japanese Arts Abroad</strong>\n Discussant: Morgan Pitelka (Occidental College)\nMichelle Kuhn (UCLA) - "O n Fine Versus Applied Arts at The World Exposition"\nLoren Kajikawa (UCLA) - "<em>Issei Spirit</em>: The <em>Shamisen</em> and Japanese American Ide ntity in the Music of Glenn Horiuchi"\nKristin Surak (UCLA) - "Culture in the Flesh"\nDenis Gainty (University of Pennsylvania) - "Fighting the Marg in: The Greater Japan Martial Virtue Association and Center-Periphery Mode ls in Modern Japanese History"\n\n12:45-1:45 Break for lunch\n\n2:00-3:30 Panel: <strong>Transpacific Histories and Imaginations</strong>\nDiscus sant: Kristine Dennehy (California State University\, Fullerton)\nZelidet h Maria Rivas (UC Berkeley) - "Songs from the Land of Eternal Summer: Nost algia in Okamatsu Kazuo's <em>Ikyou no uta</em>"\nRyan Yokota (University of Chicago) - "<em>Gambateando</em>: A History of Okinawan Peruvians in Lo s Angeles"\nChika Shinohara (University of Minnesota) - "Subverting Japane se Tradition? Transculturally Produced New Images of 'Japanese Women' 1985 -2005"\n\n3:45-4:45 Plenary Session: <strong>"Blood Types"</strong>\nSpe cial Guest Speaker: Karen Tei Yamashita (UC Santa Cruz) DTSTAMP:20230326T091337Z SUMMARY:12th Annual UCLA Graduate Student Symposium in Japanese Studies -- April 22\, 2006 URL:/en/events/2006/04/22/12th-annual-ucla-graduate-student-symposium-in-ja p/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR