BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20060321T000000Z DTEND:20060321T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<em>Spotlighting the rich agricultural legacy of Orange County and the Japanese American community’s contributions to that chronicle.</ em>\n<strong>Special Dedication Celebration:</strong>\nTuesday\, March 21\ , 2006\n2:00 p.m. through 5:00 p.m.\n \n<strong>Located at:</strong> \ nThe Fullerton Arboretum\, California State University\, Fullerton\n1900 A ssociated Road\nFullerton\, California 92831\n\n<strong>RSVP and additiona l information:</strong> \nJoanne Lewis (714)278-4681\nEmail: <a>jlewis@ful</a>\nGregory Dyment\, Director\nEmail: <a>farboretum@fullerton. edu</a>\n<strong>Upcoming Exhibitions:</strong>\n<li><em>Sowing Dreams\, C ultivating Lives: The Japanese American Farmer</em>\nSeptember 23\, 2006 t o January 14\, 2007\n<li><em>A Determined Lot: Orange County Pioneer Famil ies</em>\nFebruary 17 to June 24\, 2007\n<li><em>From Grower to Market</em >\nJuly 28 to November 18\, 2007\n\n\n<strong>The Orange County Agricultur al and Nikkei Heritage Museum</strong> has been built on the grounds of th e Fullerton Arboretum and has been designed along the lines of a packing h ouse. California State University\, Fullerton\, and the Fullerton Arboret um are working together to open the museum to the public. The inside of t he building is divided into four sections: Nikkei\, Pioneer\, Educational \, and Transportation and Geography. We also have a small bookstore and t he Potting Shack will move its plant sales adjacent to the bookstore alcov e.\n \nThe museum is going to highlight the history\, development\, and im pact of agriculture\, as well as the contributions of the Japanese America n community\, in the growth of Orange County. This introductory exhibit w ill be a peek into upcoming planned exhibitions and will be open throughou t the summer. \n\nThe first major exhibit is planned for September\, 2006 \, and will focus on the Nikkei. <em>Sowing Dreams\, Cultivating Lives: T he Japanese American Farmer</em> will journey with the early Japanese immi grants to California\, and follow their stories as they establish permanen t communities in Orange County by marrying\, raising families\, founding s chools and social groups\, and above all\, cultivating the land. \n\nThe second exhibit will open in February\, 2007\, and will focus on the Pionee r families. <em>A Determined Lot: Orange County Pioneer Farmers</em> will chart the paths taken by the pioneer families who settled in the county a nd consider their motives\, motivations\, and incentives as they farmed th e land and created innovations that changed the landscape.\n\nThe third up coming exhibit will open in July\, 2007\, and will deal with transportatio n\, marketing\, water issues\, and geography. <em>From Grower to Market</ em> will follow produce from the fields and orchards to the packing houses and markets. The committed labor of a diverse group of Orange County res idents combined with improvements\, inventions\, and discoveries in transp ortation\, science\, and marketing to modernize the farming industry and m ake California an agricultural giant. \n\nAs Mexican and other ethnic grou ps are also part of our Orange County history\, their stories will also be part of our exhibitions. It is our belief that history does not happen i n a vacuum and many people had and have roles in the development of agricu lture in our county and the interconnections will be emphasized. \n\nWhil e the Nikkei exhibit section will be a permanent part of the museum\, each section’s displays will relate to the others throughout all the shows a s agricultural\, social\, and cultural elements of the history of the coun ty are intricately interrelated. There is also the educational section wh ere adults and students of all ages can interact with and learn from the d isplays\, artifacts\, and information presented by each section. \n\nThe Fullerton Arboretum is working closely with the Center for Oral and Public History (COPH) at CSUF and will include a recording booth in the Nikkei a rea for people who wish to share their families' stories.\n\nAt our March 21st opening we will have as speakers: \n<ul><strong>G reg Dyment</strong>\, Director\, Fullerton Arboretum \n<strong>Richard Fos ter</strong>\, President\, Fullerton Arboretum Commission \n<strong>Dr. Mi lton A. Gordon</strong>\, President\, CSUF\n<strong>A. G. Kawamura</strong >\, Secretary\, California Department of Food and Agriculture\n<strong>Chr is Norby</strong>\, Orange County Supervisor\n<strong>Leland Wilson</stron g>\, Mayor of Fullerton</ul>\nParticipants from the Nikkei and Pioneer soc ieties\n\nThe reception on March 21st will begin at 2:00pm with guest spea kers introduced beginning at 2:30pm\, and ending at 5:00pm. There will be refreshments and entertainment.\n\nAndrea Harris McGee\, Director at Gran d Central Art Center in Santa Ana\, is the Project Coordinator.\n</li></li ></li> SUMMARY:An Urban Oasis: The Orange County Agricultural and Nikkei Heritage Museum at the Fullerton Arboretum URL:/en/events/2006/03/21/an-urban-oasis--the-orange-county-agricultural-an d/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR