BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20210731T000000Z DTEND:20210828T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Saturday\, July 31\, 2021 to Saturday\, August 28\, 2021\n\nG allery 101 is pleased to present Behind  Between  Beyond\nA multi media installation of artwork by Miya Turnbull and Roxanne Lafleur\n\nOpening (I n-person): Saturday June 31. 2-5 pm\nArtist talk (Zoom): Friday August 1 3. 6-7pm EST. <a href=" zwqGdT-MJBiwfZ8KwcInpEiG5-a">Register here</a>\n\nGallery hours:\nTuesday\ , Wednesday\, Friday\, Saturday noon-5 PM\nThursday 1:30-5PM\nPlease see COVID Protocols below\n\nCuratorial Statement\nBehind  Between  Beyond i s a two-person exhibition exploring personal narratives that use masks\, d rawing\, bookmaking\, video\, and photography to move beyond usual tropes of self-portraiture to self-representations of multiple states of being. R ooted in Miya Turnbull’s mixed-Japanese Canadian\, and Roxanne Lafleur ’s Northern Franco-Ontarian identities\, these works resonate together i n quiet\, powerful conversation\, inviting viewers into nuanced exploratio ns of personhood\, one’s sense of place\, and belonging.\n\nMiya descri bes her practice in mask-making as a way to examine the multiplicities of ‘self’\, particularly in states of in-betweenness. Some masks explicit ly explore Miya’s Japanese cultural identity through the use of traditio nal to contemporary Japanese motifs and pop culture imagery\, while other masks explore identity in a broader sense of multi-faceted personhood\, th rough the layering of masks on top of masks\, misaligning the facial featu res\, or using the inside space of the masks. The digital realm offers fur ther explorations into obfuscation and blurring\, through layered videos a nd photographs.\n\nMasks appear in Roxanne Lafleur’s work De mère en m er (From Mother to Sea) through large\, delicately rendered drawings of a radiotherapy mask used in her mother’s cancer treatments. Her meditatio ns on fragile and ephemeral states of being flow from the masks to two han d bound artist books. One book is a large scale French language book/insta llation focusing on loss\, memory\, and connections to the waters of North ern Ontario and the St.Lawrence River. A second English language\, photo-b ased artist book takes readers on an airplane journey exploring themes of nostalgia\, displacement\, belonging\, and grief. At the core of Roxanne ’s work is the importance of recognizing our fundamental need to belong and to maintain strong relationships with each other and with nature to en sure the well-being of all.\n\n<a href=" t.html"></a>\n<a href="">Miy</a>\n\nRoxanne Lafleur would like acknowledge funding suppo rt from the Ontario Arts Council\, an agency of the Government of Ontario. \nMiya Turnbull acknowledges the support of Arts Nova Scotia. DTSTAMP:20231205T050116Z SUMMARY:Ottawa Art: Behind\, Between\, Beyond URL:/en/events/2021/07/31/ottawa-art-behind-between-beyond/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR