BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20140531T000000Z DTEND:20140531T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Master printer Paul Mullowney will lead a hands-on workshop on creating woodblock prints\, including an introduction to the history of i ts connection to <em>ukiyo-e</em> prints\, Japanese tattoo imagery\, and the 20th century <em>sosaku hanga</em> (creative prints) of leading figure s like Shikoh Munakata. \n \n In the spirit of the exhibition\, <em>Perse verance</em> \, the workshop will focus on the crossover shared between t he traditions of tattooing and woodblock printing in 18th and 19th centur y Japan. It is often forgotten in contemporary Japan that the rich image bank coming from <em>kabuki</em> and <em>Noh</em> drama\, Buddhism\, Shint oism\, and Japanese folk stories was shared by artists working in both wo rlds&mdash\;tattooing and fine art prints. In this workshop\, a brief his torical overview of the methods\, trends and iconography in the long trad itions of the woodcut medium will be discussed \n \n Participants will th en have a chance to try their hand at carving and printing blocks using t he techniques of Japanese water based printing. Pre-carved blocks will be available for printing on fine handmade papers and participants will be able to achieve fine results to take with them. \n \n $50 members\; $60 n on-members\, incl. admission &amp\; supplies. RSVP early\, 25 participant s max. Recommended for adults. Workshop includes one hour break. \n \n \ n <em>Paul Mullowney\, master printer in etching and woodcut\, spent over ten years in Japan where he ran his own print studio in a 17th century Ze n temple in the mountains of Nara where he and his wife and six cats were caretakers. He currently runs Mullowney Printing in San Francisco\, a f ine art\, educational and publishing print studio in the Mission District .</em>\n\nIn conjunction with the exhibition <a href=" exhibits/perseverance/" target="_blank">Perseverance: Japanese Tattoo Trad ition in a Modern World</a>\n<strong>For more up-to-date information about this event\, please visit the Japanese American National Museums' events page: </strong> <a href="" target="_ blank"></a>\n\n********\n\nAdvanced reservations are recommended for most programs as seating/space may be li mited. Some programs may have separate reservation contacts. Please check program description. <strong>When making a reservation\, email <a href="m"></a> or call 213.625.0414 at least 48 ho urs prior to the event.</strong> Include the name\, date\, and time of the program\, as well as your name and the total in your party.\n\n<em><stron g>NEW:</strong> </em> For all classes\, workshops\, and food tours\, pre-p ayment is now required to hold your space. Please call 213.625.0414 or <a href=" f" target="_blank">download the pre-payment form</a>. Cancellations must b e made 48 hours in advance or no refund will be issued.\n\n******** SUMMARY:Traditions and Craft in Japanese Moku-hanga URL:/en/events/2014/05/31/traditions-and-craft-in-japanese-moku-hanga/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR