BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20130919T000000Z DTEND:20130919T000000Z DESCRIPTION:"The Tule Lake Unit\, in rural Newell\, California\, preserves a landscape through which the public can discover the impact World War II had on thousands of&nbsp\;Japanese Americans\, the local community\, and o ur understanding of civil liberties for all Americans. Visitors to Tule La ke are often surprised to discover what occurred here\, and some feel a ha unting and spiritual connection to this place. Many believe the power of T ule Lake rests with the historical events and personal&nbsp\;stories that unfolded here over 70 years ago. Already\, the site's designation as a Nat ional Historic Landmark is a tribute to the incredible stories of Tule Lak e.\n\nThe National Park Service is dedicated to preserving the sites and s tories of the past so we may continue to learn valuable lessons from them long into the future. While the historic buildings and landscape are evide nce of the past\, your help is needed in identifying how Tule Lake's histo ry is relevant today and how to share this history with visitors. Breathin g life into the historic structures and landscape through first-person acc ounts\, enlightening interpretation\, and improved access to the site will enable the public to more fully understand the significance of Tule Lake' s history.&nbsp\;\n\nAs a new unit\, there is no comprehensive plan for Tu le Lake\, and the National Park Service faces many issues and challenges f or its future management. The most overarching issues are how to interpret what occurred at Tule Lake and how to ensure that visitors have meaningfu l experiences at Tule Lake tied to its history. In addition\, planning wil l also address the preservation of the unit's historic features and landsc apes\, its internal and adjacent boundaries\, and how its areas could be d eveloped for greater public access."\n\nCome join the public discussion ov er the future of Tule Lake. Your input is greatly needed and valued. For m ore information\, visit:&nbsp\;<a href="" ></a> DTSTAMP:20240524T202851Z SUMMARY:Public Workshop: The Future of Tule Lake URL:/en/events/2013/09/19/public-workshop-the-future-of-tule-lake/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR