BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20121011T000000Z DTEND:20121019T000000Z DESCRIPTION:<strong><em><span style="font-size: xx-small\;">Existencia Esen cia</em></strong>\n<strong>Thursdays and Fridays\, Oct 11 &amp\; 12\, Oct 18 &amp\; 19\, 2012</strong>\n<a href=" /map.html" target="_blank"><strong>Hamlin Park Fieldhouse Theater</strong> \, 3035 N. Hoyne Ave. map</a>\n CTA: Damen #50 Bus to Barry Ave.\; or Belm ont #77 to Damen Ave.\n\n<strong>7:15 pm</strong> Installation begins\, <s trong>7:30 pm</strong> Performance starts\n\nChicago-based Japanese dancer /choreographer Ayako Kato creates sonic and kinetic environments which ex plore interrelation between chance and necessity. Her experimental works aim at sculpting and weaving energy through human existence.&nbsp\; <stro ng><em>Incidents II</em></strong>\, a trio inspired by the ripple effect and the&nbsp\;trajectories of figure eight\, through year-long reconstruc ting process by merging with installation. <em><strong>Octet</strong> </em >is a collaboration between a free jazz large ensemble and dance. The mu sicians create layers of harmonic density that wax and wane while dancers explore repetition and stasis to create a multi-layered construction. <e m><strong>Dear BACH &ndash\; Goldberg Variations</strong> </em>is a 51 mi n solo dance work that exhibits a journey of resistance\, negation and af firmation of imperfect being among imperfect contemporary conditions.\n\n <strong>Choreography / Movement Direction:</strong> Ayako Kato\n\n<strong> Casts:</strong>\n<strong><em>Incidents II</em></strong><em>:</em> <strong> Dance:</strong> Precious Jennings\, Maggie Koller\, Ayako Kato\; Music Com position: Jason Roebke\, Brian Labycz\n\n<strong><em>Octet</em></strong>: <strong>Music</strong> lead by Jason Roebke\, double bass\; Josh Berman\, cornet\; Jason Stein\, bass clarinet\; Keefe Jackson\, tenor saxophone\; Jason Adasiewicz\, vibraphone\; Matt Schneider\, guitar\; Mike Reed\, dr ums (more artists TBA)\n\n<em><strong>Octet</strong> </em><strong>Dance</s trong>: The Space / Movement Project (11<sup>th</sup> &amp\; 12<sup>th</su p>)\; JulieAnn Graham (18<sup>th </sup>&amp\; 19<sup>th</sup>)\, Liz Joynt Sandberg (18<sup>th</sup>)\, Maggie Koller (18<sup>th</sup>)\, Carleen He aly (19<sup>th</sup>)\, and Precious Jennings (19<sup>th</sup> )\n\n<stron g><em>Dear BACH - Goldberg Variations</em></strong>: <strong>Dance</strong >: Ayako Kato\, <strong>Music credit</strong>: J.S. Bach\n\n<strong><em>*< /em></strong>The piece will be performed on Thu\, Oct 11<sup>th</sup>&nbsp \;and Fri\, Oct 19<sup>th</sup>&nbsp\;with the 1981 recording by<strong> G len Gould </strong>on piano and on Fri\, Oct 12<sup>th</sup>&nbsp\;and Thu \, Oct 18<sup>th&nbsp\;</sup>&nbsp\;with the 1965 recording by <strong>Gus tav Leonhardt</strong> on harpsichord.\n\n<strong>Lighting:</strong> Chris Wooten.\n\n<strong>Advance Tickets available at <a href="http://www.fanfu" target="_blank">FanFueled. com</a>: General $15\, Students/Seniors $10\, Tickets for Two $25 (limit 1 0 pairs)</strong>\n<strong>Tickets at the Door: General $20\, Students/Sen iors $15\, Tickets for Two $30 (limit 10 pairs)&nbsp\;</strong>\n\nContact : furyuayajp@<a href=""></a>\, <a href="file:/// localhost/tel/312-330-4171">312-330-4171</a>\n\nDear BACH by Yuriko Ohkubo SUMMARY:Existencia Esencia - Ayako Kato Performance URL:/en/events/2012/10/11/existencia-esencia-ayako-kato-performance/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR