Live Yuimaru: Benefit Concert for Chantel Ikehara

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Apr 20103

Jikoen Hongwanji
United States

In 2009, Chantel Ikehara won the 29th KZOO karaoke competition and now has the chance to compete in the "26th Annual NAK (Nippon Amateur Kayo Sai) Grand Prix Taikai" in Tokyo, Japan in May of this year. Only 15 years old, she will be among the youngest to compete in this prestigious amateur competition. Chantel, a member of Urizun Minyo Group, is a multitalented vocalist who also studies the guitar and keyboard.

Those who have heard Chantel perform know that she is extraordinarily talented.

In the spirit of Yuimaru, communities helping one another, Live Yuimaru is hosting a benefit concert to help Chantel on her journey. Saturday, April 3, 2010 at Jikoen Hongwanji from 10 am to 2 pm. Tickets are $25 (cost includes entertainment, bento and water). Email for more information.

We are raising funds to send Chantel on her first visit to Okinawa, where she can explore her roots and heritage. In Okinawa, she will have the opportunity to take further her studies and take lessons from Minyo Sanshin Grand master Akira Wakugawa sensei . Wakugawa sensei will take her to the different song locations and explain the origin of those songs.

In addition to helping fund Chantel’s first trip to Okinawa, we also want to show our love and support for Chantel, which she can take with her as she travels to Japan for the competition.



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