"Hokkaido Fair" at Mitsuwa

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Sep 200910 Sep 200913

Mitsuwa Marketplace
21515 Western Avenue
Torrance, California, 90501
United States

Fresh seafood that only Northern region could afford and their specialties with 
freshly picked vegetables and fruits, and unique milk products will come in flocks.


First of all, much-loved "Ezofukoro" on our last event, they will amaze ramen lovers with "Shio Tanmen" & "Ebi Shio Butter Ramen" this time!
Their special cooking method makes full flavor of the ingredients alive.
We are sure that you will be pleasantly shocked on its distinctive aroma.
9/10(Thu) - 9/13(Sun) Torrance Store
9/17(Thu) - 9/20(Sun) New Jersey Store

Secondly, "Ramen Shingen" will make their first appearance for this event with “Shio Ramen” from Ishikari, Hokkaido.
The secret of soup "mild and refreshing" is a blend of carefully prepared pork bones, vegetables, dried fish, and premium kelp and simmered for 4 days slow-cooking as giving full attention to heat. 
9/10(Thu) - 9/13(Sun) Costa Mesa Store
9/17(Thu) - 9/20(Sun) Chicago Store

And, Here is good news for ramen lovers in San Jose Area.
Much-awaited “Ramen Santouka” will be opened in our San Jose Store soon.
They always get TOP 5 ranking in LA area and became a regular favorite among the ramen-lovers. Will you be the one of those ramen-lovers?

Next on the list is that also will make their first appearance for this event, 
“White Taiyaki” and “Crepes” of “MJ Shokudo”.
Would you like some this unique dessert?
9/10(Thu) - 9/13(Sun) Torrance, Store
9/17(Thu) - 9/20(Sun) New Jersey Store

Then, steadfast popularity as a snack, "Curry Bread" of “Pullman bakery”.
Crunchy outside and airy inside of bread and tasty curry 
with full of potates are perfect balance!
9/10(Thu) - 9/13(Sun) Torrance, Costa Mesa Stores
9/17(Thu) - 9/20(Sun) San Jose, New Jersey Stores

<Other Demonstration Sales>
- "SQUID BENTO BOX” of “Abe Shoten”.
- With full of king crabs, Crab bento boxes of “Sapporo Kanihan”.
- Croquettes of "Maruhiro Oota".
- Enjoy rich milk flavor “Ice cream” of “Bake de arles”.
- Uses Yubari Melon Juice, “YUBARI MELON BREAD” of “Fuzzy Way”.
- "Shishamo Smelt" of "Kanedai Ohno Shoten"
- Seafood Delica & Prepared Fish of "Yamacho Hasegawa".
And much more!

In addition, specialty items from Hokkaido, Japan! Please experience the greatly boasted tastes!
Also, other nostalgic features in our line up are sure to surprise many.
Please visit our “HOKKAIDO FAIR”.



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