BEGIN:VCALENDAR VERSION:2.0 PRODID:-//PYVOBJECT//NONSGML Version 1//EN BEGIN:VEVENT DTSTART:20060129T000000Z DTEND:20060129T000000Z DESCRIPTION:Japanese American New Year Celebration will take place Sunday\, January 29\, 2006 at the Sylvania Campus of Portland Community College fr om Noon to 4:00 PM.\n\nPortland area Japanese American New Year celebratio n\, Mochitsuki\, is ten years old! Starting from the first public event in the basement of Oregon Buddhist Temple as part of the JACL New Year Celeb ration\, Mochitsuki has grown into a community tradition with close to 30 organizations participating\, and attendance at over 1\,200.\n\nThe goal o f Portland area Mochitsuki is twofold. First is to maintain the vitality o f traditions in the Nikkei community. That means keeping alive the custom of gathering with friends and family to pound mochi with a heavy wooden ma llet\, and giving people a chance to experience firsthand the mochi poundi ng that they may have only seen in folktale books. The vitality comes from recognizing that traditions change\, and Nikkei of today also keep mochi traditions alive in churches and family groups\, but may use an electric m achine.\n\nThe second goal is to build strength in the Nikkei community by working together on a common project. In these years\, Portland Taiko\, O regon Nikkei Legacy Center\, Japanese American Citizens League\, Porgand S tate University Japanese Studies Program\, and Portland Community College Multicultural Center have gained a closer relationship by sharing in the c reation of Mochitsuki. To make the tenth anniversary special\, these partn ers have been joined by the Consul General of Japan\, Shokookai of Portlan d\, Nikkei Jin Kai and The Japan America Society of Oregon. We are excited to bring so many organizations together.\n\nTo make the event very specia l\, a mochi pounding group from San Francisco\, Kagami Kai will perform. T hey share our interest in building community with mochi traditions\, and t hey use taiko drums and dance-like movement to make mochi pounding a livel y performance.\n\nBeloved performers Robert Kikuchi-Yngojo\, storyteller\, Portland Taiko\, Tanuki Taiko\, Fujinami Kai and Sahomi Tachibana Dance C ompany will perform.\n\nFood\, hands-on activities and many community perf ormances will make a big cultural fair interesting for all ages. The ice c arving team that will represent Portland at the Sapporo Snow Festival will demonstrate\, thanks to the Portland Sapporo Sister Cities Association. \ n\nMake sure to bring family and friends to enjoy this wonderful tradition .\n\nDownload the event flyer (attached PDF) for detailed event informatio n. DTSTAMP:20240718T073614Z SUMMARY:10th Annual Mochitsuki\, Portland\, Oregon - Sunday\, January 29\, 2006 URL:/en/events/2006/01/29/10th-annual-mochitsuki-portland-oregon---sunday-j a/ END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR